User Guide - Introduction

Jun 22, 2018


Fast Backup

The key feature of qBackup is that it can be backed up at high speed. In order to make high-speed backup possible, it has the following functions.

Incremental Backup

After the initial backup is completed, the second and subsequent backups will run as incremental backups.

Block Level Deduplication

The file to be backed up is deduplicated block by block. The effect of deduplication is as follows.

  • In the second and subsequent backups, only the changed blocks are backed up. For example, suppose you have a file with a size of 100 GB. If the total of changed blocks is 1 GB, only 1 GB is backed up.
  • Even if the file is moved and the path changes, it will not be backed up if there is no change in the contents of the file. In this case only the information of the new path will be backed up.
  • Even if the same file exists in multiple places, only one file is backed up. Only the path information is backed up for other files.


You can reduce the backup size by compressing the content of the file.

Efficient Backup Format

The data to be backed up is converted to qBackup original format. This allows high-speed backup regardless of the file size or the number of files to be backed up.


The backup process and the restore process operate in multithreading. It is greatly effective when you use cloud storage that has limited upload / download speed per connection. The number of threads can be customized according to the usage situation.

AES-256 Encryption

Backup data can be encrypted in AES-256. Encryption is done before backup, so you can safely store data when backing up to an external service such as cloud storage. Please refer to Encryption for details.

Version Control

You can restore not only from the latest backup but also from any point in time backup. There is no limit on the number of versions that can be created.

Cross Platform

qBackup works on Windows, Mac and Linux. You can operate with the same user interface on all platforms. The format of backup data is common to each platform. For example, data backed up by windows can be restored with mac (excluding platform specific file attributes).

Local & Cloud

qBackup supports local file system, SFTP server and various cloud storage. It is also possible to backup the same file to multiple destinations. Please refer to Supported Storages and Cloud Storage Comparison.

Quick Start

qBackup Quick Start on YouTube