Jan 24, 2017


Q: Is there a way to backup/restore faster?

Unless the CPU, memory, disk IO, and network are bottlenecks, you may be able to speed up by setting the [Max threads]. When the default value "0" is set, the number of logical CPU cores in the execution environment is automatically set.

If the CPU is a bottleneck, and the file to be backed up has low compression effect, such as image file, you can reduce the processing load by turning off [Compress], so the speed may be increased as a result.


Q: Can I delete only a part of the backed up data?

No. When you execute the delete function, all backed up data of that project will be deleted.

Q: Can I back up files that exceed the maximum size specified by the object storage provider?

Yes. Large files are backed up split.

Q: Are files that are opened by other applications backed up?

Backup will be executed, but errors may occur. Even if no error occurs, inconsistent files may be backed up. Examples of such problems are disk images of virtual machines and Outlook PST files. To back up these files consistently, close the applications that use the files before backing them up.

Q: Does qBackup support Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) on Windows?

No. qBackup does not support VSS.